“You’ll leave” “I won’t,” he said and pulled me closer. I don’t sleep that night and all the other nights that follow. My breakfast is served on the bed along with light kisses. “Morning, love” I touch the pillow. Dry. “You’re beautiful,” he smiles and brushes my hair aside. I could see myself glow in … More Warriors

Mute Melody

There was a strange ally between his fingers on the piano, and her skin. The white keys, felt like a lingering kiss on the neck. The black ones, like teeth grazing the spine. Even tonight, her veins throb to the music. The hair on her nape, stand to give an ovation. There is no instrument. … More Mute Melody

Apology Rejected

Do you not understand? Do you not understand, that I can’t forgive you? I have neither the right nor the reasons. Do you not understand, that when you smashed my heart with your fist, your knuckles bled too? And I punch my heart every once in a while, punishing it for beating too loudly, when … More Apology Rejected

Illusions I love

This morning I wake up with you. They say that your brain retains only 20% of your dream after you wake up. But I remember every single frame, like I lived it. I did once. We did live the dream once. And then life jolted us up. Last night, I chose to sleep. Meanwhile, you’re … More Illusions I love

A Date In The Library

For once, let’s ditch the parks and coffee shops, and shopping malls. And meet me amidst the alpine wooden shelves of fiction and poetry. For once, let’s spare the lovely red roses and the severe cologne. And let the waft of aging pages surround our senses. For once, let’s not bother about the weather and … More A Date In The Library

I’ll be there.

As she sat on the cold bench, Her bare ankles crossing over each other. The breeze teasing her brown tresses, Which fall like a curtain over her face. Her fingers invariably fiddling With the white lace of her knee length dress. She stares fixedly at the emerald pasture below Lush and blooming, and she smiles … More I’ll be there.

That’s How..

The morning sun in all its glory ascending like a halo over the dunes The titian streak,roving its way through the narrow slit revealed by the ivory curtains I turn away,sluggishly reluctant to open my eyes Something warm,my forehead touches A faint thudding sound registering in my brain Opening my eyes slowly, lazily lifting my … More That’s How..